The Aristaeus collection of Pennsylvania whiskeys. All 2 oz. pours, available neat or on the rocks.


Blue Bird Rye Whiskey

Made from 100% American rye grain, and distilled just once to keep its full flavor, this rye whiskey is aged in new, charred American oak barrels. Creates an exceptional blend of sweetness and rye spice. Enjoyed best neat or on the rocks. The nose is brown sugar, vanilla and rich cherry wood. The palate is sweet notes of caramel, vanilla and clove with a dry finish with hints of spice, pepper and cherry. Bronze Medal — 2016 American Craft Distillers’ Competition.

Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Our classic rye recipe features only rye grain and malt to deliver a pure expression. Barrel aging for least six months in charred new oak quarter casks allows the genuine rye flavor to evolve quickly. As a result, the small batch whiskey reaches the right balance of complexity and smoothness. The final product is a very smooth spirit that delivers the upfront spice that rye is known for while finishing with a full, round mouthfeel. 2015 Whisky Advocate Craft Whiskey of the Year.

Eight Oaks Rye Whiskey

Before Bourbon, there was Rye Whiskey which is uniquely Pennsylvanian. Pennsylvania was the center of Rye Whiskey production in the late 1700s and early 1800s. This Penna Rye is made from 80% rye and 11% corn, 9% barley, and all grain is grown on the Eight Oaks farm in the Lehigh Valley. The whiskey rests in stainless steel before barreling in New White Oak Barrels for a minimum of 2 years. A clean and bright whiskey with a hint of dry fruit and honey.

Old Farm Straight Rye Whiskey

Distiller’s Notes: Whiskey made at the Henrich Overholtzer farm in West Overton, PA, had a reputation for being the best in the region. His descendant brought back a product that generated a family legend. Aged a minimum of six months in new oak barrels. Notes of golden raisins, dried apricots, chocolate. Palate: chocolate, dried fruit.

Thistle Finch Straight Rye Whiskey

This uncommon rye is produced from a unique mash bill of rye (60%), wheat (30%) and malted barley (10%). Distilled in small batches in a hand made copper pot still and aged for a minimum of two years in charred oak barrels at a historic facility in Lancaster, PA. Earthy, oaky, and bready from the high cut of wheat helps to mellow the rye as well.

Kinsey American Whiskey

This 4-year 86.8 proof American whiskey, blended to replicate the flavor profile of a 1940/50s sample of Kinsey, is made from 100% corn and aged in oak. Mellow on the palate with semi-sweet vanilla notes and finishing hints of honeycomb and caramel corn.


Boardroom Fire Bear Whiskey

A blend of whiskey with real Ceylon cinnamon and a touch of sweetness. The bold and fiery cinnamon flavor shines through naturally!

Jacquin’s Rock And Rye

An original American classic since 1933. This curious concoction of rye whiskey, melted rock candy, and chopped fruit has endured for generations as an iconic cocktail, timeless tipple, and even rumored medicinal remedy. Experience the original and discover why this sensation from the nation’s oldest cordial producer has been among Pennsylvania’s bestselling favorites since Prohibition. Similar to a pre-mixed rye old fashioned.


David E. Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Golden amber color with toasted marshmallow and floral aromas. Toasted honey, pepper spice and smoke melds together in the mouth with a smooth, quick finish with a lingering sweetness. 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% malted barley aged three years in 53 gallon Kelvin Cooperage barrels.

Eight Oaks Bourbon

This spirit starts with a three-grain mash of farm-raised corn, rye, and wheat, from Eight Oaks farmland in the Lehigh Valley. It is freshly milled, mashed, and fermented, then double distilled and aged on-site in hand-selected, American White Oak barrels. A smooth easy sipper with notes of vanilla, smoke, and nutmeg with a sublime, toasty finish.

Resurgent Bourbon

First impression on the nose is of a deeply sherried single malt then the candy notes drop back and the anise/cinnamon spice of the rye comes through. Hints of peach and apple peel present and soften to a beautiful fruit balance. Wash of maple, blackberry and apple with mild vanilla and pastry crème. A tang of anise (slight) and a velvet mouthfeel. Notes of pepper coat the tongue. Rich black tea astringent and Demerara sugar cubes finish.

Sasquatch Bourbon

Sasquatch Bourbon Whiskey infused with Vanilla and Maple. Premium bourbon infused with Pennsylvania maple syrup and vanilla beans to produce this one of a kind spirit. Tasting Notes: Sweet, woody, and smooth.

Wigle Straight Bourbon

This wheated Organic Pennsylvania Bourbon is made from regional organic yellow dent corn, regional organic soft winter wheat, and organic malted barley. Wigle mills, ferments and pot-distills these grains at a family owned distillery in Pittsburgh. This Bourbon is exceptionally sweet on the nose with a pleasant brown sugar note. Up front, the Bourbon warms the palate with notes of roasted corn meal and fruit, including stone fruit and overripe apples. These flavors are followed by cinnamon and a sweet nutty finish of maple pecan and candied walnuts. Awards: 2018 and 2019 James Beard Awards Semi-Finalist; 2018 – 10 Best Wheated Bourbons in the country by Distiller; 2018 – Gold Medal by the American Craft Spirits Association.